Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire Purple Door Planning for just the day-of coordination?

There is really no such thing as a day-of coordinator.  There are SO many details your coordinator needs to know to ensure your special day runs smoothly.  Our Month of Wedding Planning package allows us time to gather all your vendor information, create a day-of timeline, confirm final details with all vendors, and much more.


How far in advance can I retain Purple Door Planning services?

Month of Wedding Planning can be booked up to 10 months out. Full Planning can be booked up to 18 months out. We kindly request at least 10 months' notice for full planning. We accept events with less notice as our schedule allows.


How much should I expect to budget for my wedding?

It is easiest to think of the overall budget in terms of price per person, rather than an overall target budget amount. The guest list is the single biggest driving factor of the budget - so the closer you are able to bring down your guest list to the actual number of people you would like at your wedding, the better!  To determine your per-person dollar figure, divide your overall target budget by the number of anticipated guests you would like to attend.  Now you will have the estimated price per person.


Do you work with a minimum budget?

We are here to help our clients have the best wedding day ever.  Our average couple spends $15,000-$30,000 for their wedding.  We also work with budgets ranging from $30,000 - $100,000.  Our service fees start at $2,000 for Event Management & Coordination and $5000 for Full Wedding Planning.

Do you work with same-sex couples?

Yes, we do!  

How many team members will be on-site the day of?

This is dependent on multiple factors including, but not limited to guest count, number of event locations, and room resets.  Typically, events have 2 members of Purple Door Planning staff on site.  During our consultation, we will discuss your specific event needs.


Do I need Purple Door Planning if I have a venue coordinator?

Yes!  Your venue coordinator is responsible for handling contract obligations for the venue (ex: venue accessible, bathrooms stocked, etc.).  They will not be your sole contact for your wedding unless they are an all-inclusive venue.  Also, the individual you work all your details out with, may not be who is on-site the day of.  When you hire Purple Door Planning, we become your single point of contact 30 days out and are on-site for rehearsal and on your wedding day.


Do you use a preferred vendor list?

Once you hire Purple Door Planning, you are provided a preferred vendor list.  These are suggestions only.  Keep in mind when booking your venue, they may require you to use specific vendors.  We highly recommend you hire professional vendors that are licensed/insured and discourage the use of family and friends who are not wedding professionals.


Can we negotiate your pricing?

Having a wedding is a luxury, no matter your budget.  For Purple Door Planning to be a sustainable business, we must maintain a minimum service fee.  We understand planning a wedding can be expensive which is why we have a consultation to discuss exactly what you need for your wedding.  If you opt to go with a lower-priced planner we highly suggest you confirm they are a legitimate business and/or request a copy of their business insurance. 

Are you insured?

Yes, we are!

Do you provide an assistant day-of?

Yes, for most weddings!  Weddings with under 100 guests and one location only require one planner.  Weddings with more than 150 guests and at one venue will have one lead and one assistant.  Weddings with 200+ guests and/or taking place at 2 venues will require one lead planner and two assistants. 

Eternally Grateful! Cindy H. ~ Brides Aunt

A wedding coordinator was last-minute decision (day-of) for us. Nicole came in and ran the day as If she had been planning with us for months. The ceremony was relocated, and she was able to realign the wedding party to perfection. She was professional, attentive, and took care of every detail. I recommend her highly to anyone planning a wedding.

What aspect or moment of your wedding did you love the most?

We wanted to ensure that we had a unique experience for our guests, and Daniel has always loved baby goats, so we teamed up with 901 Goats for a play pen/photo op during cocktail hour and it was a HIT.  Some of our favorite (and funniest) wedding photos came from this random idea that we were able to manifest into a reality. 


What’s one piece of advice you’d share with a newly engaged couple to help them enjoy the wedding planning process more?

Take time to actually enjoy being engaged.  Sometimes it’s easy to focus so much on “what’s next” that you forget to enjoy the stair step in your relationship that you’re on.  Additionally, book the “big stuff” early - big stuff might be different for each couple.  For us it was venue, planner, photographer, and FOOD.  Most importantly, book Nicole and Purple Door Planning - you will not regret it. 


Was there anything on the wedding day that our team did that surprised you or that you didn’t even know happened until after the fact?

Honestly, everything just flowed so smoothly and we didn’t have to ask any questions or coordinate anything ourselves all night because it was already all set.  If anything was a surprise, it was Nicole being willing to store half our reception stuff in her car for 24 hours post-wedding because we all scattered and DID NOT PLAN for that.  Pro tip: plan for Nicole’s crew to pack up your items for you. 


Is there anything you’d go back and do differently now?

More importantly, remember to eat cake!  We both forgot to have our cake and eat it, too!  


Nicole Moore was my fairy godmother!!!

I was recommended Nicole Moore at Purple Door Planning by another vendor. My husband and I were engaged in May and married 4 months later in September, and on top of the short notice, we were getting married in Memphis but we live in Alaska!!! So even though I’m originally from Memphis, we needed assistance and someone with experience in the industry to help us plan and decide on vendors and venues for our wedding! We were originally expecting about 75 guests but that grew to about 100 once everything was said and done. We ended up being wed at the Memphis Botanic Gardens at the Blecken pavilion and the reception also there at Sara’s Place. Nicole and I bonded quickly thousands of miles apart so being able to finally hug her and see how much hard work she had put into planning our wedding the day before at the rehearsal was so incredibly awesome. I was completely overwhelmed with gratitude and love for this wonderful stranger who I’ve grown to admire. She truly loves what she does! She is professional, responsive, dedicated, and kind! I am so grateful I found her. No one else could have pulled off our happily ever after quite like she did. From our Cinderella carriage to my special tribute to my daddy who has passed on to helping wrangle family members for our sparkler grand exit, if you are in the fence don’t be! NICOLE IS AMAZING!!! BOOK HER!!!


Best wedding planner around!!! Absolutely amazing!

Nicole was a life savor and one of the sweetest people. She made our wedding run super smooth and set everything

up and all I had to do was get ready and enjoy the day. About an hour before the wedding our ring bearer decided to

blow his nose in his mom's dress who was also a bridesmaid. Nicole was able to get the stain out and you couldn't

even tell it happened. She made everything about our wedding run so smooth from contacting the vendors months

in advance to setting up the entire venue to fixing us a dinner plate so we would have food to eat.


Absolutely wonderful experience! 

Nicole Moore at Purple Door Planning was one of my most treasured vendors. Without her professionalism and expertise, my wedding would not have gone off so well. She went above and beyond to assist me with planning and executing my wedding. One of her best qualities is giving supportive advice and problem-solving! We I speak to others about my wedding, I always give her a glowing review!


Mother of the Bride

If you want the smoothest possible event, HIRE Purple Door Planning!!!

You'll be able to relax, enjoy your wedding guests and not be too tired or busy with details. They take care of


It's the best decision you will make (after saying yes!)

Look no further!

Do you think you don’t need a coordinator because your mom or maid of honor or whoever can handle the

coordination for you? (The answer is they can’t lol) Are you on the fence about which company to use? LOOK NO

FURTHER! Please use this review as a sign that you need a coordinator and you need Nicole at Purple Door! She

made the whole day an absolute breeze! She was in communication with all my vendors from the day she was hired

to the minute it was time for our send-off. She did everything from bustling my dress to transporting items to and

from the venue and my “getting ready location”. She did so much behind the scenes work that I probably don’t even

know the half of it 😂. Her being there allowed for not only me, but my whole bridal party and family to relax and

enjoy every minute. Her prices are beyond reasonable, too!


Best Wedding Coordinator

I don’t know what we would have done without Nicole. She has gone above and beyond for us and we can’t thank

her more for the everything she has done


One of the best I've dealt with!

Down to earth, professional, sense of humor! Everything you need for your big day!! Nicole was the most relaxing thing

the whole time about planning the wedding! I would not have had any other way.


Eternally Grateful

A wedding coordinator was last-minute decision (day-of) for us. Nicole came in and ran the day as If she had been

planning with us for months. The ceremony was relocated and she was able to realign the wedding party to perfection.

She was professional, attentive, and took care of every detail. I recommend her highly to anyone planning a wedding.


Best Coordinator For Sure !!

Thank you Nicole !! As the mother of the bride, I never dreamed how valuable a coordinator would be until I saw you

in action on the Wedding Day. You handled every detail to perfection (including details I would have never thought of).

Because of your professionalism, the Bride never stressed out which means neither did Mom. I am still in awe of how

smooth everything went. We have received so many compliments which are thanks to your talent. I will be

recommending Purple Door Planning to my friends and family ready to plan their Big Day !!

First look for bride and groom.
Private dinner
Cut the cake