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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I hire Purple Door Planning for just the day-of coordination?

There is really no such thing as a day-of coordinator.  There are SO many details your coordinator needs to know to ensure your special day runs smoothly.  Our Wedding Management package allows us time to gather all your vendor information, create a day-of timeline, confirm final details with all vendors, and much more.  Here is a great article to help make a decision on what type of service you may need. 

How far in advance can I retain Purple Door Planning services?

The month of Wedding Planning can be booked up to 10 months out. Full Planning can be booked up to 18 months out. We kindly request at least 10 months' notice for full planning. We accept events with less notice as our schedule allows.

How much should I expect to budget for my wedding?

It is easiest to think of the overall budget in terms of price per person, rather than an overall target budget amount. The guest list is a huge driving factor of the budget - so the closer you are able to bring down your guest list to the actual number of people you would like at your wedding, the better!  To determine your per-person dollar figure, divide your overall target budget by the number of anticipated guests you would like to attend.  Now you will have the estimated price per person.

Do you work with a minimum budget?

We are here to help our clients have the best wedding day ever.  Our average couple spends $15,000-$40,000 for their wedding.  We also work with budgets ranging from $50,000 and up.  Our service fees start at $2,000 for Wedding Management and $5000 for Full Wedding Planning.

Do you work with same-sex couples?

Yes, we do!  

How many team members will be on-site the day of?

This depends on multiple factors including, but not limited to guest count, number of event locations, and room resets.  Typically, events have 2 members of Purple Door Planning staff on site.  During our consultation, we will discuss your specific event needs.

Do I need Purple Door Planning if I have a venue coordinator?

Yes!  Your venue coordinator is responsible for handling contract obligations for the venue (ex: venue accessibility, bathrooms stocked, etc.).  They will not be your sole contact for your wedding unless they are an all-inclusive venue.  Also, the individual you work all your details out with, may not be who is on-site the day of.  When you hire Purple Door Planning, we become your single point of contact 30 days out and are on-site for rehearsal and on your wedding day.

Do you use a preferred vendor list?

Once you hire Purple Door Planning, you are provided with a preferred vendor list.  These are suggestions only.  Keep in mind when booking your venue, they may require you to use specific vendors.  We highly recommend you hire professional vendors that are licensed/insured and discourage the use of family and friends who are not wedding professionals.

Can we negotiate your pricing?

Having a wedding is a luxury, no matter your budget.  For Purple Door Planning to be a sustainable business, we must maintain a minimum service fee.  We understand planning a wedding can be expensive which is why we have a consultation to discuss exactly what you need for your wedding.  If you opt to go with a lower-priced planner we highly suggest you confirm they are a legitimate business and/or request a copy of their business insurance. 

Are you insured?

Yes, we are!

Do you provide an assistant day-of?

Yes, for most weddings and events!  Weddings with under 100 guests and one location only require one planner.  Weddings with more than 120 guests and at one venue will have one lead and one assistant.  Weddings with 120+ guests and/or taking place at 2 venues will require one lead planner and two assistants.

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