Virtual Wedding Planning

This service is designed as an option, because everyone deserves that option, for couples seeking customized guidance from a Master Certified Wedding Planner that fits your budget.

You also have the option to hirer Purple Door Planning for Wedding Management or upgrade your planning experience to Partial or Full Planning.

Includes The Following

  • How to prioritize what is important to you as a couple and wedding day to guide the planning process

  • Build a wedding estimate budget

  • Review your wedding venue to assist in the rentals and design process, so you can plan a beautiful and cohesive ceremony and reception

  • Create a wedding day timeline

  • Provide a wedding planning checklist so you know what should happen next in the planning process

Let's chat about your wedding plans!  We can answer all your wedding planning questions.


Pricing begins at $190 per session

~ Each session is 2 hours.

The reception